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Membership / Training

2013 saw the introduction of our 'Home Study' facility, which will save all new members travel time and additional expenses.

Qualification For Membership

The Guild seeks to maintain itself as a recognised and respected organisation in the chauffeuring world by applying qualification requirements for membership.

An applicant must complete the standard membership application form and submit the same to the Guild together with the payment of the appropriate fee in force at the time. The fee will be returned unbanked if the application is refused.

Applicants may only seek membership by accepting to undertake the Guilds Chauffeur Training Programme as shown in our Chauffeurs Manual and only after having done so, may they then be able to obtain membership of the Guild.

Once a fully completed Application form has been submitted and duly accepted, you will receive by post a complete Chauffeurs Manual which contains our full training programme and the information you require to work as a Professional Chauffeur, copy of Rules & Codes of Conduct, Guilds Chauffeurs Permit & Guild Lapel Badge. The Indefinite Membership Application fee is only £294 (Inc VAT).

The Guild's Chauffeur Training Programme – Home Study Basis

The curriculum consists of subjects surrounding Theory, Practice, Etiquette and Protocol demands, History and Traditions of Chauffeuring, General Advice and Security Awareness required from chauffeurs in todays modern day and age.

Our recognised Standard Diploma of Merit and the Guilds 'Chauffeurs Permit' will be awarded to all candidates who undertake to study the full headings in our Chauffeurs Manual issued to them. The subjects and issue of Diploma is currently recognised by the World of Commerce and Industry as a long awaited and major breakthrough, in the very common 'Catch 22' situation, frequently experienced of 'no experience, no job - no job, no experience'

Just some examples of the contents in our Chauffeurs Manual:


Training Course Tariffs
Membership Form
Q&A Insert

Men's cap

Ladies hat

BCG chauffeurs permit

BCG chauffeurs permit

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