The world’s first authority in Licensing, Training and Employment Provision for it's Guild members.

Members of the BCG are available to drive ‘your’ car on a daily, weekly or long-term basis.

The BCG also offers the services of its employment agency to employers seeking chauffeurs for Permanent / full time positions

The establishment of The British Chauffeurs Guild has been designed to cater for:

1. The growing concern frequently expressed by employers of chauffeurs, who in the past have had little choice but to employ a chauffeur purely on trust, with often no documented evidence of competency other than an ordinary driving licence and possibly some invariably outdated work references

2. The frequent desires often expressed by the more professional type of chauffeurs who would prefer to register themselves with an Accredited Body and thereby disassociate themselves from the `wrong and undesirable` element often and currently to be found in this profession


Professional Chauffeur Affiliation


Professional Chauffeur Affiliation

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British Chauffeurs Guild

Why Our Company?

British Chauffeurs Guild has been providing experienced Chauffeurs since 1983.
Our Chauffeur recruitment and management process was developed with your security in mind.
We only supply Guild members who have completed our strict and complex Membership process & Security Chauffeur Training Programme and who often have years of experience driving people just like you.
Our aim is to build a lasting and genuine relationship with you by providing the very best security minded Chauffeurs.